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He will seem intelligent in tests and exams yet in class he will slack off and not pay attention. He will misbehave and not listen to rules set. Though not the most attractive guy, get in bed with him and you won't need to be pleasured ever again. Normal penis size ranging from 5-6 inches. Although he seems like he is a rebel of sorts for not obeying the rules, some teachers will talk to him more than others and issue him detentions more regularly than others. The teacher will on one occasion, let he/her guard down and give Thomas Howell a sign that he/she has gotten attached to him. They will then get together briefly after the teacher takes him out of class for a 'quick chat'. He/she will then proceed to suck his cock let him fuck her as hard as necessary for him to feel pleasures as well. He will then go home with her for more fun 'bonding time' in the bedroom. The age of this childhood bond between teacher and pupil will normally begin from aged 12-13
Thomas Howell- full name

Teacher- Oh Thomas Howell, touch me
Thomas Howell- Oh Miss, just bend over and let me do the rest. Or I will be forced to give you a 2 hour detention for sexual resistance.
by DaBroda April 03, 2017
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