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A derogatory term used to describe players in first-person-shooters (such as the Battlefield or Call of Duty series) who choose the sniper class and refuse to assist their team in pursuing objectives. Thnipers ("Snipers" pronounced with a severe lisp) will not attack or hold objectives, provide covering fire for teammates, attempt to flank the enemy, or serve any useful purpose whatsoever. They are generally found camping in obvious positions, failing to hit the broad side of a barn, hiding from the scary bullets, and being a waste of a player slot on a server.
Squadmate 1: Do you realize that about half our team is camping and watching us attack and die?
Squadmate 2: Yeah. Damn Thnipers.

Squadmate 1: How have you been playing this map for 10 minutes and gotten zero points? I didn't think that was possible.
Squadmate 2: I'm a thniper!
by RadSpencer July 10, 2011
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