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"This definition has already been suggested for removal" is the dreaded sentence that pops up on the Urban Dictionary webpage when you attempt to delete hateful, homophobic, racist, misogynist or other disturbing definitions from their website using the remove tab. These appalling "definitions", a term I'm using very loosely, are left on UD's website for all eternity because the administrators will not execute a policy to give these repulsive definitions a second chance at being removed, hopefully by editors who aren't as immature and mentally challenged as the original ones who first decided to keep these disturbing definitions. Although numerous emails have been sent to UD through their feedback tab regarding this problem, they have fallen on deaf ears. It is past time that the administrators at UD take responsibility for the crap that is found on the UD site and take action by changing the current policy (non-policy) of removing definitions that have already been suggested for removal.
Administrators at Urban Dictionary need to institute a new policy to get rid of horrific definitions that were kept by insensitive, immature, mentally deficient or psychologically disturbed editors, and thus can't be removed because of the dreaded "This definition has already been suggested for removal" statement that pops up when you submit your removal request.
by PY Love and Peace December 10, 2012
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