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Something to do after you have been hypnotized. Like, after you've been hypnotized and are wondering what to do next, only you can't think exactly what it will be so you don't know what you will do but everyone else in the room knows already and that pisses you off, them knowing and you don't, so you rip off your shirt and skirt and say -- all right I don't think I was hypnotized anyway. Probably part of the hypnosis was to tell you to forget the posthypnotic suggestion, and forget that you have been hypnotized. At least forget it for a while.
Like at that party last Saturday night when I volunteered to be hypnotized and they gave me a posthypnotic sugestion -- but I forgot about it till just a few minutes ago. Before we started I was convinced that a posthypnotic suggestion would not work on me.
by jamjansandwich March 06, 2010
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After a person has been hypnotized they can be given 'post hypnotic suggestion'. This places in their mind the thought that they must continue doing something despite no longer being in a state of false lethargy (also induced by illusions of hypnosis). This suggestion may be ignored as the 'want' that has been induced is not real and only an illusion.
Post hypnotic suggestion is used on some cigarette users in the hope that they will be tricked into thinking they want to quit smoking. It does not work as a general rule unfortunately.
by Srž Tanjur July 27, 2006
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