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1. When something is so completely unbelievable/ridiculous that it doesn't seem real.

2. When some fuckery takes place in your life to the point where it seems surreal.
Josh: Dude, did you see Justin Biebers porno with Megan Fox?



So, today I almost got bit by a dog, raped by Rebecca black, I lost 5 thousand dollars, then my dog died. This can't be life.
by ThatGuyHarry June 17, 2011
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A lovely drink originating in Grease 2012 on the small island of Ios. Created by a trio calling themselves OOF, This Can't Be Life consists of one shot of absinth, one shot vodka and a can of Redbull. This drink is well known for getting its victims shitfacingingly drunk very fast.

This lovely cocktails name is derived from its tendency to leave its victims thinking "this can't be life man"
dude 1: Hey what would you like to drink?
dude 2: Make me a this can't be life!
dude 1: Idk man your only a heavy weight drinker and this creature here is only recommended for the very greatest of drinkers
by Frankai January 15, 2013
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