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1.) A time shortly after winter break (especially in the middle of third quarter) in which teachers realize they have done nothing productive the past semester and begin to cram to make up for lost time in the curriculum. This is a period of high stress and fatigue as now the victimized students have been slammed with double workload and have more homework and studying to do than ever.
2.) The effects of being under constant pressure and stress from heavy schoolwork. This may be anything from falling asleep in the middle of the hallway because you haven't slept in 36 hours to losing 6 pounds because of not eating, both because you haven't had time to do either.
(Note: the term is merely named for when it is most likely to occur, but can pertain to any period of being overworked and overstressed.)
Example 1
Elle: Uggghhh! I've got third quarter syndrome, and I've got it bad.
Ari: Me too. What are your symptoms?
Elle: Well, I can't use any rare pocket of free time I have on anything but sleep.
Ari: What do you mean?
Elle:....I fell asleep in the middle of Kohl's yesterday.

Example 2
Fenton: Hey bro, you want to hang out this weekend?
Robbie: Dude. You know I have AP classes and it's past winter break. I don't have time, I've got two chapter reviews, two book reports, an essay, and a five minute speech. Worst third quarter syndrome ever!
Fenton: Alright, alright, chill out!
Robbie: *Combusts*

Example 3:
Amanda: Are you taking Ms. Hanson's class this year?
Jamie: Yeah, it's a lot of work. I'm starting to work up a case of third quarter syndrome
Amanda: Seriously! We're in the middle of the first semester, but I feel like we're having third quarter daily!
by Quintella September 30, 2011
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