The third person to enter a fight, almost always escalating a one on one altercation into an all-in brawl.
Steve was handed a game misconduct for being the third man in the altercation.
by JohnTan February 4, 2009
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A Popular variation of hacky sack/footbag(Popular in Cambridge, Ontario) Involving 3 People or more, in which the 3rd receiver of the hack(or any receiver after the 3rd man) is able to kick the sack towards any of the other participants. If any of the persons involed in the game is hit by the hack without a recovery on their feet(or any other persons feet)they must be subjected to walking around the circle and receiving a punch by each of the participants(AKA. A walk), with each punch becoming icreasingly harder after each walk(and may end up resulting in elbows after a considerable amount of walks). Any persons leaving the game must receive a final walk. Game is mostly popular among Marijuana Users. There are many ways to gain mulitple walks such as:

Through the legs - 2 walks

Backwards through the legs - 4 walks

A "Four"(cross legged through the legs) - 4 Walks

A "Nine"(between arm and body w/hand on hip) - 9 Walks

Head shot - 2 walks

Hat Knocked off - 12 walks

Hat Knocked Off Backwards - 24 Walks

Yawn Shot(shot in mouth) - 30 Walks
"Im dirrrtchy bored, Whos up for some third man?"
by St. alphonzoH-town June 18, 2009
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being the third man to penetrate a girl and being forced to fuck her up the ass because the mouth and pussy are already taken
Ryan: How was it with Janie last night
Eric: Terrible I was the third man in
by Lionboy January 11, 2008
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