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A thigh pie is what happens when a woman of considerable weight sits down and her thighs press together in a manner as to look like a vagina.
"Excuse me, miss, I can see your thigh pie." ~Daniel Tosh
by Nofat Chicks June 26, 2011
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The pubic hair that overlays onto the thigh. Generally, and publicly, makes an appearance during the summer months, when it can be seen at the beach peaking through bathing suit bottoms. An unfortunate side effect of an under-trimmed bush.
Geraldine's thigh pie cascades over her bikini bottoms, and makes the men feel inferior.
by MissBloodySunshine September 17, 2009
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A delicious dish consisting of a tender pastry and filling (as of fruit or meat). Often enjoyed in accompanyment of a hearty serving of pork sword on the side.
"What that you say? You'd like me to bring you a delicious serving of thigh pie to go with that gigantic pork sword side dish? Are your sure your appetite is large enough for such a robust meal?"
by fatbrain June 09, 2003
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