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1. An attained perception or state of mind by an individual where resulting activities would normally be construed as criminal or morally repugnant in the eyes of the opposite sex but instead is dismissed as acceptable or quasi normal behavior.
2. A writing process which employs no planning or thinking before typing that results in the reader’s confusion and leaves them unsure of the authors intended meaning. Tacit understanding of the rules of grammar are not required to spot this nefarious writing style as the presence of mixed metaphors, unsettled diction, and the use of adjectives as adverbs will easily alert the reader.
Dan offered a thielism to the world when he asked on his blog; "How does the taste of defeat taste?"

Derek after conversing with Dan realized a Thielism was afoot when Dan stated that he had gotten a little bit "rough" with a woman.
by Matt October 26, 2010
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