To click on a link and get redirected to an Allan Thicke video. The Allan Thicke version of a Rick Roll
My boy Thicke Rolled me today.
by Hoody Allen March 12, 2010
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To associate with a large group of people. To travel/go out with a large entourage.
Don't mess with Tyrone. He rolls thick.
by TheEgg February 24, 2004
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to roll thick means to be in a big group and roll through and not care what is going on
lets go roll thick through town
by david nelson will yo mamma November 13, 2007
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An enlargement of the male organ after seeing a person of the opposite sex.
Wow. That girl is fine! Damn I will be Rolling Thick for a while.
by LoneHuntress November 27, 2007
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