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Thermally Enhanced Poop, or T.C.P., is a poop that is laid in or on a source of intense heat. This greatly intensifies the grotesque smell, and nasty form of the shit. This procedure can be done as a prank almost anywhere.

A T.C.P can be used in place of T.P'ing someones house. To do so, find a heat source near the persons house such as a vent, or electrical device. Gently meneuver the shit into the designated area. If a vent, unscrew the vent cover, shit into the air duct, and then close the vent again. This will suck horribly for the person and will make the whole area smell of shit.

A T.C.P can be laid at school as well. A good place for one would in science class. You can sneak into class after school, turn on a hotplate and shit on it, then wait for the next day.
The day at highschool was cancelled due to a Thermally Enhanced Poop laid on campus.
by Dev B January 04, 2007
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