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The dinosaur god, or the lord of all the great lizards. A unique specimen, the skeleton of which has never been found, but the image of which appears in many of the earliest cave paintings, depicted as a giant bearded lizard seated on a cloud or floating in a celestial environment.
Early Brontosauri used to raise their heads and low to the sky in praise of the mighty Theosaurus.

Later Brontosauri built piles of rubble in homage to him.

So we assume...
by thesvenhunter April 06, 2006
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1- {among those who are not expected to know this sort of thing} A common mispronunciation of the word thesaurus

2- {among those who should know the word} A dinosaur made up by thick English teachers (teachers of english, not of the nationality)
-I'll look up some synonyms up in the theosaurus
-Everyone get out your theosauruses
-Theosauruses had very low I.Q.'s, a bit like me!!
by Ultimate_Doom December 26, 2005
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