Any type of law enforcement, ie:police, sheriff,ATF,
A bruh be careful, them folks checking license and registration up the road.
by Ldogg6700 March 15, 2014
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Dabbing on them folks means when you yeet someone out of a deal and then hit "the dab" in their faces. Many people cannot do the proper technique to get the full effect, so to learn the proper technique, practice before you decide to " dab on them folks"
You: Hey Chad , I'll pay you 75 dollars for the finest drugs.
Chad: I do love drugs, but 75 dollars is a lot of money.
Chad: *Gives drugs to you*
You: *Dabbing on them folks*
Chad: What was that?
You: *Runs away*
by BigDaddyTripod January 31, 2018
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A popular dance move where you cross your arms twice then flex with one arm.
by yoooo_yooo_yo_yoyo April 9, 2018
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