Simply a Legend.

But can be Many other words....
(Nikko) : Who did that fart it was Mean!!
(Flappie) : Not sure, Must be a Thehan

Example 2:

(Gumdi) :Whos that New Kid Wid all dat swaag homie???
(Bluewaf) : Dayuum Gumz, i aint Sure But it gotta be a Thehan

Example 3:

(celina) :
Look at that guy, looks like the Hulk. Its a goddam sexy beast.

(flipena) :Yeap, Thats Thehan

Example 4:

(Chris) : Who dat straight up gangster, homes?

(Leopard Skin) :Straight up gagstah?

(Chris) : Yeeah dat kid?

(Leopard Skin) : Oh yeah... heard he Dangerous homie..The name i think is Thehan? or somfin?

(Chuck) :Shit, Thehan's coming! Roll out playas!"
by loodoo1234 November 30, 2011
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Also known as Teethan he plays, Valorant and gay stuff
Thehan run away

Thehan stop cheating on the norng.

Cheater Norng Very Thehan boy

Thehan leader of india and sri lanka
by xoRaiz February 1, 2021
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A sexy mf that pulls, packing more than u could imagine
also a member of the notorious Mixed Masturbaters
yo who the fuck is that sexy as bitch over there
oh that sexy as bitch? yea that's Thehan, that mf made a song called lean
by Thehan M March 27, 2022
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a big and probably black boy who is soft and nice. hes so real fr fr ong
"Thehan is fire🔥 at volleyball "
by rapper cool 😎 August 3, 2023
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