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Thecomputernerd01, known as Josh Chomik is a famous YouTuber with a channel consisting of over 900,000 subscribers as of 2013. He has three YouTube channels. His main channel, Thecomputernerd01 in which he posts comedic skits and song parodies. JoshRocksGuitarHero, where he posts random daily vlogs. Then iDigTheMullet where he posts videos filmed with his iPhone.

His full name is Joshua Daniel Chomik. He lives in New Jersey and is 20 years old, born in August. He has a sixteen year old sister, Amanda Chomik. He has appeared on MTV for his Rebecca Black Friday parody "Tuesday" which has received over seven million views since 2011

He had a 2002 green Kia minivan, but it died. Now he drives a jeep.

Josh has several friends on YouTube. Tyler, who is currently attending college in Pennsylvania ( TMNTyler ) Josh Sobes ( JoshSobo ) Chris, ( brovegna )
Hey, did you see that new Thecomputernerd01 video?
Yeah, it was hilarious!
by computernerd01fan January 15, 2013
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A member on named Josh. He makes lots of videos. Most are just random nonsense but are still rather funny. He also has another account (joshrocksguitarhero) where he posts a video everyday. His channel is one of the cleanest on youtube. There is no swearing, racists comments, or any otehr profanity therefore making his videos rather kid friendly but still very humorous.
I laugh when i watch videos made by thecomputernerd01.
by Youdon'tneedtoknowmyname June 12, 2009
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