The most energetic, annoying, and loud person. If you don’t know theater seems like a innocent thing but really it’s a cult. If you are a regular kid run to the exit as soon as you see a theater kid. Trust me it’s for the best. If theater kids don’t get a good part they will go into “tantrum mode”.
Please don’t get hurt by a theater kid ._.
by That_Theater_Kid May 29, 2021
A kid who likes theater. Often associated with hurtful stereotypes.
"Are you a theater kid?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Oh no! My own sisters a theater kid! Whatever shall I do!"
by a kid who likes theater May 16, 2020
People who do weird things with weird people usually involving song.
Boi those theater kids tho c'mon coop let's get outta here, this party sucks, man.

One time a theater kid attacked me and he stole my mountain dew red watch out man

If you hear someone yelling Hamilton or mouthing random words in American History Social Studies class, you know you have discovered a theater kid.
the psycho-anime-furry ones
Some of the theater kids got in trouble with the school administration for watching hentai backstage during the performance of Annie.
by hehe143 May 1, 2020
Those kids in high school who spent their lives doing drama classes and school plays. They travel in packs, and most attempt to be hipsters, but just come across as really weird. They sing randomly.
Jen: Yo, my bf is taking drama 1, gotta get him out! Can't have him mingling with them theater kids!

Anna: Girl, you best find yoself a new one, they probs already got to him. Damn theater kid bitches are like a frickin cult.

Jen: Yeahh, i was thinking of askin out brad. he pretty chill

Anna: NAHHHHH gurl, he signed up fo alice and wonderland dis year. He gone buns.

Jen: Fckin theater kids.
by #funky March 6, 2012
A kid who is in denial about being a theater kid but still listens to musicals and or songs from musicals. A few other indicators of said theater kid is if he has a very open theater kid friend named Steph, and if he calls his partner "hubby".
*Gid is listening to Heathers*
Nat: "Ur a theater kid"
by NiceTryGid March 6, 2021
Some kinky ass shit. Somehow they all like to get down and dirty with each other. Notorious for extremely long, intimate relationships. Eventual get bored of sex so they resort to extreme methods to get their fix.
That theater kid sex life is nuts right? They bang on the daily and never seem to get bored until they do and when they do...
by frostytip69 November 1, 2017