A British lets play YouTuber. Known for her fantastic yet sometimes offensive commentary and colorful language, Minx is considered Queen of Let's Plays. Formerly known as MangaMinx, this unique entertainer takes pride in her work and hopes her fans enjoy her videos more than a twelve incher up the vag. She refuses to use face cam due to personal reasons, giving her channel a heir of mystery.

Minx is famous for evil cackles, sneaky lies, and Gmod murders. Her sexual comments can get a guy going in seconds. She plays a wide variety of games ranging from RPG's to horror to multiplayer with friends. This outstanding YouTuber is sure to brighten any day with witty commentary that can get you laughing more than the thought of tickling a clit.

Minx is on her way to one million subscribers (Most of her subscribers are probably horny bastards jerking off to her videos) She has now begun a new style of editing in her videos as well. Her editing style is better than a blowjob on a Saturday night.

TheRPGMinx brings smiles to thousands everyday, especially her beautiful and talented wife, KrismPro.
Fan 1"Did you see TheRPGMinx's new video?"
Fan2 "Ya, it made me jiz in my pants."
by Wordzzzzzzz February 23, 2015
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