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The "Taipan" is another term for Sarso's penis. Although this fierce creature may not be as long and fat as others like "The Cobra", this still moderate sized creature packs a punch like no other. The Taipan is equipped with large venom reservoirs which deliver a far more lethal dose in much larger quantities than others. Being the most venomous and dangerous of them all, once you unleash the Taipan all bets are off.

Unlike other snakes which will lure their mate by a display of physical proweress, The Taipan has an allure like no other. Keeping all physical aspects of its deadly weapon hidden until the last moment when it strikes.
Girl: "Wow, you're cock is huge!, It's no Cobra Though"

Guy: "Cobra's are all show no go"

2 hours later

Girl: "Wow your cock felt Amazing, does it have a name?"

Guy: "The Taipan"

Girl: "I heard of that once, apparantley the sex is so good that you die right afte.......
by Yosarso September 24, 2014
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