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Pothus is a right player, his darling angel Chrythus is the only one who ever loved him, Pothus dont realize this though so keeps her as a safeway girl, Chrythus leaves for another and Pothus is left alone forever in his heart.
The story of Sex and gold
Chrythus: Sorry, I love u but I'm leaving
Pothus: Please dont I love you
Chrythus: thats what you say to everyone
by Maggy-G January 17, 2013
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Pothus symbolizes sex, something that everyone likes and some people crave.

Chrysus symbolizes gold, , something that is earned for in many societys, but when old and tarnished can be mistaken for something worthless.
The story of Sex and gold

Pothus puts his love for Chrysus aside, because he realizes that people like him and he is amazing so becomes vain, He only returns for Chrysus when his lustful relationships fail. Chrysus Loves Pothus truly, but Pothus cannot see it. It almost kills Chrysus everyday to see him with others, In the end pothus see's that the only one who truly cared for him was Chrysus. Pothus joins her to live together forever more.
by jenny lee smith bridge water December 31, 2012
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The story of blind love is one about loving someone who doesnt love you back.

The mythical Tale follow's the two gods, Pothus or Ποθος (god of sex) and Chrysus or Χρυσος (god of gold).

The story show's the ignorance of men. Pothus is God of sex, and could make any God fall in love with him, This makes him forget about Chrysus, the only god who loved him for more than his sexual powers. Chrysus was worth more than the others but he could not see it.

The story and many alternate endings: one where Chrysus moves on and Pothus is left with no one, One where Pothus gets married and Chrysus is left with a deep pain everyday, One where Pothus realizes his mistake and they get together, and one where they split and lead different lifes.

Other Variations of the story include:
The story of Sex and Gold.

The story of Pothus and Chrysus
The story of james and hiranya
The story of the gods of Sex and gold.

The Value of Gold and sex

The story of Hiranya's golden love for James God of sex.
The story of Sex and Gold:

Pothus and Chrysus first meet in spring. By summer they are in almost in love. Although Pothus loves Chrysus deep down; He forms many relationships with other gods. Eventually Pothus puts his love for Chrysus aside, and only returns for her when his relationships fail. Chrysus grows ever more in love with him, but stays in the deep pain of not being loved equally back. Pothus is Blinded by the attenttion of others that he cannot see the gold that loves him already.
by Zudef story December 29, 2012
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