"The roar of a lion" Is the act of which when you are having vaginal sex with a female and you are moving your hips back and forth so quickly that you accidentally put it in her virgin arse hole. This results in the given female, roaring like a lion with a mix of pleasure and pain.
Guy 1: I put it in the wrong hole when I was fucking my bitch last night
Guy 2: Did she like it?
Guy 1: It was like I was at a zoo, the roar of a lion deafened me

Guy 2: Oh snap, I guess your right arm is going to be a little stronger for the next week
Guy 1: Indeed
by Lixm October 7, 2015
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#1: "Did you just orgasm?"
#2: "Yeah I just drank a Roaring Lion"
#1: "Ahhhh"
by dcalfine May 17, 2010
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a massive or especially hard boner, named after the seattle based energy drink.
Dude, I had such a roaring lion i just had to go jack off.
by askdj2 August 6, 2006
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