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WEll, there are 2 purposes to life, first we'll explore the more important one.

Sex, what else? Once you hit puberty its all you want. You could get fucked from now until forever and it would never get tired of it, therefor it is one of the 2 purposes.

Pissing people off. Why, i don't know. but pissing people off is just one of the greatest things ever. People nowdays get pissed off at the dumbest things, for example i was walking and i brushed against a person and they get in my face and start yelling "ohhh, you need to say excuse me if you gonna be hittin people like dat!" of course i did the most natural thing, and laughed in her face. But because pissing people off is the second thing i've found that never gets old, it is the second purpose of life.
Sex, see sprixsexblowjob

Pissing people off, laugh at them. Tell them how fat their kids are. Burn stuff in their yard. Piss on their cars. Cut their tires, there is a vast array of ways to piss people off.
by AIM: clash92089 October 30, 2004
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There is no doubt that the purpose of life for humans is love, both scientifically and empirically. All mammals seek out partners at one point or another. When boys reach puberty they get non-stop erections. They even get involuntary erections known as morning wood or morning glory. All these erections are in anticipation of finding a partner to have blissful encounters with. When girls hit puberty, they subsequently frequently get wet around the vagina to facilitate sexual intercourse. Their uterus also enlarges to enable pregnancy.

Empirically, love is also the most important thing that drives humans, for instance with parents, who unconditionally do anything for their children. In conclusion, human physiology has evolved for love. Human characteristics evolved not only for mating partners but also to be social.

In other words, love is what makes the world go round
the purpose of life is love
by tory borty December 31, 2012
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