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The act of standing over a dick, spreading your legs, and commiting suicide, therefore falling onto the dick and having your corpse be penetrated and bringing joy to the other person as they cry when using your corpse to pleasure themselves. After they are finished they throw the body into a nearby dumpster, set it on fire, and roll it down a hill while shoving a raw fish up their ass.

This ritual was apparently invented when Columbus discovered America, and found several drawings for instructions.

The ritual is believed to cure the disease of being necrophilic and emo, but so far it has only been a 3% chance.
Her: "I don't wanna live anymore I miss my daddy but I'm also horny :^("
Him: "Let's perform the emo death fall ritual"
Her: "k but I really miss my daddy"
Him: "I honestly don't care and neither does anybody else"
Her: "I want to do it now"
Him: "Fantastic"
by Gizrik October 03, 2016
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