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From the 2008 movie and book series "Twilight" this is where every girl regardless of age will fall in love wih the main character, Edward Cullen. Somehow women seem to get this unrealistic view that Edward Cullen is a living person and will fall in love with you if you see his movie or read his books enough.
That Edward Cullen is sooooooo cute!
Ohno, Janet has fallen into The Twilight Effect
by Shawn Fournier December 08, 2008
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twilight effect - this goes for any crapy book you ever read, and for some reason you cant help but read the rest of the books, and watch all the terrible movies that they make.
Person 1: doctor for some weird reason i cant put this harry potter book down, and ive been watching the goblet of fire every day with my 12 year old sister for the past week.

Doc: well Person 1, you have a sever case of the twilight effect. now i suggest you go home and burn all your Ron and Harry dolls along with your novelty glasses and fake scar before you turn into a total faggit.
by Joe Kickass. June 07, 2010
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