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A few lads up to no good, always making trouble in your neighborhood, devious and cunning but yet still so lovable, the lads fellas wanna be likw, and girls wanna be with. No booze at a party will be safe with these lads around. Scamps!
Olan (The River boys ); do you see what i see davy??
Davy (The River Boys ); them cans of fosters on the table is it?
Olan; exactly buddy!!
Davy; also ive spotted a shoulder next to the fridge, all we need is a mixer!
Olan; yeah buddy!! Lets go to work!!
Davy; River Boys for life!!!!
On looker; dem guys fleased the place without any1 noticing, what a pair of lovable scallywags!
by magic kev November 01, 2011
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