Often confused with the Cleveland Steamer... In the city of brotherly love, this occurs when a guy takes a dump on a girl's chest or vice versa and then mixes the bowel with creme cheese. A variation called the "Philly Steamer" results when the dump is mixed with nacho cheese, onions, and green peppers.
Bob: Spicy mustard you are hot tonight.
Gloria: Oh Bob I can't take anymore. I've
got to go #2.
Bob: Don't worry baby, you can use my
(After she does her business)
Bob: Oh yeah I love that! Now mix in some
of that Philly Creme Cheese.
by Miller July 17, 2005
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Similar to the Cleveland Steamer, a Philadelphia Steamer is the sexual act performed when someone milks a mans prostate (or fingers a mans asshole) untill he has an orgasm, at which point he jizzes, commonly out of his asshole, onto a womans chest. He then rocks back and forth like a steam roller to rub it all over her.
James never thought he would enjoy it, but after Judy gave him his first Philadelphia Steamer he started begging for one every night.
by C.A.P. January 30, 2008
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