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Refers to the 47% of the population that will vote for President Barack Obama, no matter what he says or does, because the majority of them are unintelligent, on Government assistance / welfare; emotionally enamored with Obama; African American; etc.

They consist, primarily, of uneducated people who don't work and thus, do not care about the economy, foreign policy, or the health of the United States in general.

All that they primarily are concerned about, is that they receive their food stamps; free HUD housing; other Government assistance; etc.
I hope that Mitt Romney can beat Obama, but it's going to be hard to do since the President has The Obama 47 in his pocket.

"I agree. With all those welfare whores, drug dealers, ex-cons, scam artists, and fat white women following him like lemmings, it going to be hard to pull an upset victory."
by mike87111 September 19, 2012
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