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The OG Prospector is said to be an urban legend, familiar amongst the natives of Northern & Central New Jersey. Sightings have been reported not only in these two regions of the state, but also in the mountains & some even in plain sight on the streets of the greater Salt Lake City, Utah area. The OG Prospector is said to be an old folk-tale (which derives from a currently unknown region of the planet) about a prospector of roaches. He would travel far & wide throughout many lands in search of prospective roaches, though some say he found the one perfect roach that he had always dreamed of, the roach to rule them all.. & then retired from his position, but keeping his title: The OG Prospector; others say... that to this day... he roams the quiet avenues & dimly lit back-roads of Northern & Central New Jersey in search of his heart's one true desire: roaches. Some say he was the greatest roach prospector in the history of roach prospecting, but others say he was just a bearded menace & a fiend; some say he never even existed. Believe what you will, this is the legend of The OG Prospector.
"Rob: Dude, I left a roach right on this table last night before I went to sleep, & now it isn't there.

Tom: Bro...have you ever heard the legend of The OG Prospector?"

"Jim: Bruh, why are you collecting

Bryce: Dog, you really know nothing, do you? They call me The Young Prospector, after The OG Prospector, himself...boi."

"Bruh...this nigga out here on the porch with me & Terry, calling himself, 'OG Prospector.'..talkin' bout, 'can he keep the roach?' tf?"
by Young Burlington Coat June 17, 2016
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