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The Mazeworks is the nexus of the entire multiverse. It connects all possible worlds, realities, and dimensions into its endless miles of stone corridors. The Mazeworks itself was set up long ago as a prison for the multiverses worst imaginable criminals. A criminal was kept in the Mazeworks until all traces of their existance is wiped from the multiverse. Because such a thing can take a very long time, this effectively made these evil beings virtually immortal. These beings of great power are known as the Serafaxx.

The people that created the Mazeworks long ago have since passed out of the annals of history, but they left behind a sentient pool of glowing blue light known as The Keeper. This entity searches the multiverse for powerful warriors, keen eyed gunmen, mighty wizards, and anyone else who has something special about them. Once found, the person soon comes face to face with a horde of faceless, putty-like people. Theories differ at this point. Some believe these people to be agents of The Keeper, sent out of the Mazeworks to herde a selected person into a portal leading to The Mazeworks. Others believe that the faceless people are actually agents of the Serafaxx sent to destroy those selected by The Keeper before they can be brought to the Mazeworks. Either way, the only information we have to go on is that given by those who have been herded into the Mazeworks. They all have a similar experience of encountering the faceless men, either fighting or fleeing, and then by some mistep or wrong turn they find themselves no longer in their own world, but in a strange stone corridor eerily lit with a soft blue light. If the faceless men are sent by the Serafaxx to kill those selected then those who haven't entered the Mazeworks arent alive to tell anyone.

Those who DO enter however are called, at least by the Keeper, as Champions. Most everyone eventually finds their way to the room of the Keeper and finds the Keeper speaking directly into their minds. Conversations with the Keeper are often cryptic and frustrating, as it thinks more like a computer. Once entering the Keeper's room it immediately greets the Champion and tells the person of the mission they are to go on. These missions are the reasons why the Keeper pulls in "champions" from all over the multiverse. The Serafaxx get out of the Mazeworks and cause trouble, so the Keeper needs to send its own agents to these worlds in order to stop the evil from spreading.

The Champion enters the pool of the Keeper and is transported to the world where the mission is to take place. With the cryptic information given by the Keeper they need to figure out what is wrong and how to fix it. Once doing so, the Keeper speaks directly into the mind of the Champion and congratulates them. After successfully completing a mission, a Champion gains attunement to the Mazeworks and can sense where the portal leading to the Mazeworks is located on the world they are currently on. If a Champion fails their first mission, the Keeper will inform them and give them partial attunement. This lets them just barely feel where the portal back to the Mazeworks is, but after that the partial attunement is taken away and the Champion must go on the next mission and succeed to gain attunement.

While in the Mazeworks, an attuned Champion can "feel" their way to any world's portal, as long as they know of the world they seek. The same system of location for portals can be used for anything, and anyone, in the Mazeworks. Just keep a fellow Champion in your mind as you walk through the corridors and, assuming that Champion is in the Mazeworks at the time, you will eventually bump right into them. While in the Mazeworks there is no need to eat, drink, or sleep. It doesnt feel very natural though, and it is unsettling to most people. Also, the stone walls, floors, and ceilings of the Mazeworks can be manipulated by forcing your will upon them. Someone with a strong willpower, and some free time, can shape entire rooms and objects out of the stone.
1. Hub of all Worlds
2. Nexus of the Multiverse
by Feighlogh January 09, 2005
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