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The ladder of sex is a scale that ranks the amount of people involved in a certain activity of sex. The ladder goes like this:
1 person = Virgin
2 people = Secs
3 People = Threesome
4 People = Smash
5 People = Mass Orgy
6 People = Shrekfest

There have been many complications with the use of the word "Smash" to represent the 4 person sex as many people believe the term should be "awesome foursome." The term smash came from the sound that is made from the event as it is the one that involves the most moving around and the most amount of damage to certain objects. "Shrekfest" is the most dangerous type of event as it involves the most amount of pain. The term came from the shrek movies which are the greatest things on Earth. "Secs" is the most orgasmic kind as it is only two people who are alone with no problems whatsoever.
Person A: "So we've done everything on The Ladder of Sex other than Shrekfest. When do you wanna do that?"
Person B: "Now."
by nigerfagot March 22, 2017
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