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"The Hawking Test" is a way of settling any debate over whether or not an activity qualifies as a sport (i.e. chess, NASCAR, cheerleading, etc.). When debating, take a step back and ask yourself "could Stephen Hawking participate in this activity?" If the answer is yes, then that activity is definitely not a sport. If the answer is no, it can qualify as a sport.
While watching a commercial for World Series of Poker on ESPN -

You: "You know, I don't understand why poker keeps showing up on ESPN, it isn't even a sport."

Your Friend: "Poker definitely counts as a sport, it takes a lot of skill!"

You: "Come on man... poker doesn't even pass The Hawking Test. That man can play poker. Poker isn't a sport."
by OSUSmitty07 October 05, 2010
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