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A group of teenagers, who are wanna-be gangsters. They live in Matamoras, Pennsylvania, and claim they run shit in that town, but no one knows who they are, or cares. Theyre white as ghosts, and will haunt you with their homosexuality. They take their music too seriously, and feel that just because they listen to Lil Wayne and Wu-Tang Clan, means that they gotta become one of them. Theyre all about they money they dont have. The most money they ever make is 20 bucks from ripping someone off with dirt mids. They like the motto M.O.B(Money Over Bitches) but sadly, they cant get both. They are a self-proclaimed "gang" but they dont own, or have ever owned guns. They walk like they have a broom shoved up their ass. All in all, these kids act like theyre members of the N.W.A, but really, they wont do anything.
Person 1: Yo I heard The Goonz Squad are real pussies.
Goonz member: Yo you talking shit nigga?
Person 1: Yeah, What are you gonna do about it?
Goonz member: Well, nothing, cause we're white, cant fight, and im on house arrest..
Person 1: Exactly..
by DrGreenThumb420 January 28, 2010
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