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The Gehe Effect (TGE) is wanting desperately to know absolutly everything about someone you've never met or never talked to, this causes a puppy love-like longing that can turn into aggressive stalking and/or adorably crushing on the one causing the effect. These things can lead to an odd senpai idealism or actual feelings for the effector. Sometimes the effected never actually have any kind of contact what so ever with their effector but prefer to wallow in their unrequited love from afar until the effect passes or the effected looses interest.
Jillian: OMG! Spencer is so crushing on Jill, but he's never talked to her before x3.
Olivia: Lol, Jill is having The Gehe Effect on him.
Jillian: Totes! He wanted me to tell him all about how she likes to be treated, he really wants to make her feel loved! It's so cute!
by Matakatari August 30, 2014
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