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The Favorite Theory, is a phenomenon that occurs over a Twitter conversation (typically two people) when one party decides to discontinue the conversation and instead favorite any (and all) responsive tweets.

The Favorite Theory, is carried out in two major ways...

1.) Person Favorites tweet to acknowledge a person, statement or ideological perspective that they do not agree with, without starting or continuing any unnecessary conversation with said person/statement.

2.) Psychologically, people do not want to be viewed as using social media wrongly, so they favorite responsive tweets to not fill other's twitter feed and therefore use social media properly.

Either of these two situations support the Favorite Theory...
Example 1:
You: "It's been about three tweets back and forth now, should I just favorite it?"
Friend: "yeah! support the Favorite Theory dude!"

Example 2:
Friend: "Fucking text Sarah if you want to have a conversation with her, don't do it over twitter!"
You: *Favorites the next Responsive tweet of Sarah's*
You have now supported the Favorite Theory
by IllegallySexy69 February 05, 2013
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