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The Fat Meatball is a nickname given to a fat, Italian kid named Michael Scotto who lives somewhere in Marlton, New Jeresy. The name "The Fat Meatball" comes from his round appearance and his Italian heritage. He constantly boasts about how great he is at sports, while he himself isn't really that great at sports at all. He sometimes wears a New York Knicks basketball jeresy, apparently basketball is the most popular sport at his school so he wears it in an attempt to look cool. His cocky attitude toward his popularity and his amazing ability to play sports often results in many jokes being made about him. He also has the nickname "Chicken Nugget" because sources say his mother makes him chicken almost everyday for him for dinner.
Matt: The Fat Meatball was telling me how he would cross me up in basketball. So I dunked on him and he left crying.
Hunter: Ha ha. He thinks hes so good at everything he does. Today we played hockey in gym, and he yelled at the goalie because he let a couple shots in. So The Fat Meatball took kis place as goalie. He let in around 12 or so shots. By the way, does he even know what 'crossing up' is?
Matt: Nope.
Hunter: -lol-
by loldeadbabiesftw April 16, 2014
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