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A systemic approach to seducing a girl, and eventually ruining her life. If followed correctly, this system is guaranteed to make any chick go insane and hate you forever.

F.R.A.N.K. stands for:

F-uck her on the first night
R-uin her vagina, self-esteem, and reputation
A-ct like you don't know her the next day
N-eglect her need for emotional support
K-ill her dog a week later

This system is inspired by "The D.E.N.N.I.S. System" from It's Always Sunny...

"Why is that girl over there crying in a corner about how much she hates guys and misses her dog?"

"Apparently someone used the F.R.A.N.K. system on her."
by Big Freeze UFL February 26, 2010
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