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A combination of steps, methods, and routine patterns formulated to achieve the specific goal of a establishing and maintaining a hot, passionate, fulfilling love relationship. The love system is 'whole' consisting of interrelated and interdependent elements which continually influence one another (directly or indirectly). The love system has feedback mechanisms of communication, periods of calm and change, and boundaries that are usually defined by the lovers within the love system itself. The love system is simple but can be limited by the observer’s capacity to comprehend the complexity of the other lover in the system. The dating system can transfer some understanding and solutions to the love system but the love system obeys rules which cannot be understood by breaking them into parts, and may malfunction when an element is removed or altered significantly. Together, lovers in a love system provide each other with a coherent and unified way of viewing and interpreting the universe that they experience as love.
That couple has a finely tuned love system.”

“His love system automatically fills the love bucket.”
by Love Bucket February 20, 2010
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