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A Zombie MMOFPS That is $25.00 for pre-order, and $30.00 On October, 31st, 2012. When it comes out, you buy it, and they send you a code, then go their website and enter the code you can download it.

After you download it, you can customize your character, their are MANY characterizations you can do. Then you choose Multi-player or solo, you can choose from 5 difficulty levels. When you get into the world, you can do ANYTHING you want, the game world is said to be 26,000 kilometers.

You can go into ANY building, ANY door, And MAKE anything. (you can even tape a bag of shit on a sledge hammer, or drill a chicken on your arm if you wanted too)
Also you can DRIVE any vehicle or plane, or be a passenger.

The objective of the game is to survive and kill zombies, and survive other people.

Their are 3 types of zombies

- Healthy Zombie: The youngest form of zombies, the fastest and strongest zombies.

Common Zombies: Their skin started to Rot, hair starts to loose and they can jog to you.

Starving zombies: The Old worn out zombies, They are so weak they can only barley walk to you.

Also the zombies have a UNIQUE sensing system

Hearing- They can hear you walk from a mile away(Best way to be quiet is to walk in concrete or crouch and walk)

Seeing- Of course they can see you...(Best To travel at night)

Smell- The one I don't quite get yet...

And touch, don't have sex with zombies
Person 1: Hey dude, wanna play Left 4 Dead.

Person 2: Fuck no, We need to play The dead Linger.

Person 1: Oh yeah, I'll make a server and you join
by TheDeadLinger October 26, 2012
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