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The Cantaloupe Challenge is replacing your mouth with a warm cantaloupe while giving a guy head. The man is told that he needs to be blindfolded to add to the sexyness of the blowjob. The girl goes down on the guy for a minute or so. Then she tells him that she has to put her hair up but instead she grabs the already warm cantaloupe (with a hole carved through the rine) and the proceeds to fool the man by sliding the cantaloupe over his dick, and then mimicking the motion of giving head. The challenge is to see how long it takes the man before he realizes that he has been fucking a Cantaloupe instead of getting head.
I totally got my boyfriend last night! I tried The Cantaloupe Challenge and he didnt realize for 10 minutes! He nearly came!
by Hooker Trooper 6974 August 17, 2016
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