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Is a multi-schemed plot consisting of:

a) The act of extorting money from multiple friends or co-workers (usually with a $400 minimum) in order to pay back various loan sharks, and other creditors. Money is also used for gambling. You typically ensure your potential lenders/friends that the each one are not to tell the others about this.

b) Involves physical gestures of flashing 5 fingers in front of the lenders face while accenting on the dollar amount ( ie FIVE HUUUNNNDRED DOLLLAAAHS) to show your lender utter desperation of the funds needed.

c)Your excuse for the needed funds is that you have some ailing family member in the darkest jungle of Africa (typically Djibouti, Ethiopia or Somalia) and that you need to send that money immediately for vital medical aid.

Eventually over time all your lenders/ friends realize they've been had by you and that each one did not know that the other one was lending you any money. Lenders also come to the brutal realization that they're not getting paid back.

In truth the money is used on gambling and other games of chance in the faint hopes of running it up and possibly paying your lenders back while keeping a nice chunk for yourself. However you really get greedy and lose it all, resorting to locating more lenders to recoup that money.
John: Yo Mikey....did you ever lend any money to Talal?
Mikey: Yeah man....I gave him $400. He promised me he he'd pay me back in 1 month. He said he needed it for his sick aunt in his home country of Djibouti. But he told me not to tell anyone about it. How the fuck did you know?
John: Shit! I lent that fucker Talal $400 bucks as well. He said he had a sick sister in Ethiopia with that same story.
Mikey: Fuck man ...I think we've been stung by The Cabdale Cashflow.
John. Sonofabitch! And he just got fired yesterday. Motherfucker!
Mikey: Looks like we're out our 400 bones Homes....
by Shani_terry June 19, 2013
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