That distinct feeling you get when you fall and land on something hard targeting mainly your tail bone and it feels like you are exhaling so hard that your lungs are going to implode. The pain is so extraordinary that all you can do is roll around holding your ass with both hands and making a constipated noise unable to talk or breath.
Kid board slides down a flat bar on his snowboard on a cold day and at the very end he washes out and hits his tailbone on the very edge.

Other kid: I think that kid is dying
another kid: Nah he's just getting ... (Booming Echoing Voice) THE BUTT FEELING.
by hellomynameisntslimshady October 27, 2008
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Butt feels is the feeling you get after an intense mountain bike ride. Always the day after.
"We did a 10 mile loop on Saturday, I've still got the butt feels when I try to sit down."
by Dumbassquestions August 4, 2015
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asking someone how their butt feels is equivalent to telling someone they are extremely anal
person 1: bro i got a 2070 on the SAT. FAILED IT
person 2: bro stfu how does your butt feel?
person 1: what? i dont have anal sex
person 2: no dumbass, stop being anal about the SAT dick.
by PINGCHONG February 10, 2011
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When you donkey feels like apple pie or rhubar
Your butt feels like pie is a word
by Luke Johnson April 26, 2020
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