Tormenting Ways. Mindfuled Games. You'll get caught in this Dangerous Heartful Pain.Your Wosrtest Fears & Darkest Days. I'll remind of the Ways it Gained. Lost in a World Filled With Bullshit Voices, that Wanted to Think they could Tame These Flames. So Don't Compromise These Wicked Games. No Peace & No More Later Days. Just Lost Inside These Insane Ways.
FUCK The Bullsh*t !?.
by IcyeBxoKingD March 5, 2019
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Donald Trump's words, actions, and human essence
That's bullsh*t man, just like Trump.
by palmtree06911 November 6, 2020
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The Instagram videos featuring women that spend 5 seconds shaking a set of undies at the camera, followed by a 1 second clip of the woman actuality wearing them.
Peek-a-bullsh*t: Hey, look at that girl in your Instagram feed. Do you know her? No, it's just more peek-a- bullsh*t.
by Driftwood1701 December 21, 2022
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