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Here are some fun facts about the Antelope Valley:
1. The AV is a bedroom community for LA.

2. There is nothing to do in the AV except A) Go to the mall B) Go to the movies or C) Eat
3. In the AV there are lots of druggies, low class people, wannabe thugs, gang members, judgmental old people, idiots walking around in pajama bottoms and not only at your local Walmart, everywhere.

4. Homelessness and poverty are very common in the AV
5. In the AV you either work in Aerospace, retail, or suffer through extreme boredom
6. Afroman is from Palmdale

7. If you're dating someone, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT tell them you're from the AV because if they find out you will never hear from them again.
8. You can't fill up your gas tank without being harassed by people begging for money
9. In the AV, everyone is a flake or will be in the near future.

10. It is extremely hard to find a job in the Antelope Valley
11. Do not live on the East side of Lancaster or Palmdale. Just don't. Also don't live here if you're a liberal. You're gonna have a bad time.
12. All of the Antelope in the Antelope Valley were killed off by dumbass meth-addicted hicks.

13. People only live in the AV because houses are affordable
14. The Antelope Valley is a dumping ground for sex offenders and prisoners from LA. (Google sex offender maps for lancaster and palmdale)
15. The city council is corrupt
If the Aerospace industry shuts down or moves the Antelope Valley will likely die off.
by awesomepossum1990 October 13, 2013
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A small city catering to the workers of Los Angeles and Edwards Air Force Base. A region that was hit right in the balls during the 2008 financial collapse, with home values plummeting 70% or more. The cities in the area have recovered and are now on par with the rest of middle class LA county. A really hot fucking place.
The Antelope Valley got hit right in the nuts in 2008.
by APersonFromCalifornia June 27, 2016
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