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A white trash woman usually in her middle twenties. This type of woman usually bears children while unmarried, and these children are normally destined for retartedness due to thier mother being fully retarted and very trashy. Many of these women bear a strong resemblence to a physically handicapped Miley Cyrus with a very high gum line. It is also possible these women would resemble a beached whale in the midsection areas. Actually it is usually just a white trash beer gut. Usually a girl with this complex is attracted to my brother.
My brother dated a girl with The Amanda Complex. She was totally retarted white trash.

A girl with The Amanda Complex tried to suck my penis for 10 cents. Not really that suprising.

Man that girl has The Amanda Complex!! Did you see her gums, forehead, and belly?
by King Farts Often February 11, 2010
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