The Abe Lincoln is to shave your pubes and put them in a bag. Then keep the bag and, after ejaculating on a girls face, pour the bag on her face instantly giving her a beard.
by thawitefantastk March 2, 2007
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1. A style of manscaping in which one completely shaves or trims entire pubic area with the exception of the testicular region, leaving to grow in excess.

2. Shortly trimmed pubes with a sweet "ball fro".
Got a hot date tonight...better freshen up the Abe Lincoln.
by makeemsaydooby May 19, 2011
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When shaving your pubes you completely shave the area from the dick up and leave a little hair on your balls, therefore creating the look of Abe Lincoln.
When I showed her my Abe Lincoln she dropped her Gettysburg a dress.
by Barncat6969 December 18, 2016
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When a girl in front of you is annoying you at the movie theater, you whip it out rub out a good one and shoot her in the back of the head, just like Abe Lincoln.
I went to Batman: The Dark Knight this chick wouldn't shut up so I gave her an Abe Lincoln.
by LouDAMan, TMAN August 23, 2008
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when you know your going to get oral sex so you trim your pubes before save the clippings and right before you cum you pull out of the bitchs mouth come on her chin and then stick the pubes on the cum.
I Ab Lincolned that bitch last night and she still wanted me to fuck her.
by Paco's Tacos December 26, 2006
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when you jizz on your partner, (or unconcious friends) face and then proceed to shave off yours or their pubic hair and apply it to their semen covered area, thus resembling a beard. to add to the "abe lincoln" effect, then take a large dump on their head to reveal the form of a top hat.
That bitch sam gave me a hefty turkish hammer so i knocked the muppet out and proceeded to give him the abe lincoln look
by Shem Clarke October 2, 2006
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