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A day in which you and your social group should rejoice and have a freindly game of cricket on the local school field. No other activities should even come into question on this day of ritual(if they do you may well get struck by lightning).

WARNING! Anyone with injuries should also attend and play backstop as it is rumored this day brings special healing powers.(if they don't they may well get infected by 'Gangrene')
Sunday 30th May

David(aimed at group of friends)-Here's a great idea lets go walking tomorrow in the countryside!

(group of friends stunned in silence stare back at David like hes the black death.Que Tumble Weed...)

Paul-HELL NO! Its the 31st of May its 'national friends play cricket day-not go walking!'

David-Oh yeh just joking guys! I don't want to die or lose my foot i think I'll play backstop.

Group of friends burst out into joys of happiness and party into the rest of the night,have a great day of cricket the following day and David never has any more injury problems for the rest of his life.

Paul's a great guy.
by BrerRabbit May 30, 2010
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