A fan made curse involving my chemical romance bassist created by Instagram user @frank_ieros_low_e_string, which has seen a sharp spike in popularity in recent days. This curse, when uttered by Way, turns anyone who hears it into a carbon copy of Way himself.
Mikey way: "Mikey way he"
the soul unfortunate enough to hear it: *starts glowing, turns into mikey clone*
the mikeys: "good."
by whatwillzhedo November 23, 2020
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This is a fan made curse by the Instagram user under the name @frank_ieros_low_e_string who has seen a recent spike in popularity lately among mcr Instagram due to their mcr bingos. This curse when muttered Mikey Way can turn any poor soul who hears the words " Mikey Way He" into a carbon copy of Way.
*Gerard makes Mikey upset*

Mikey: Mikey Way He
*bright lights start flashing and then all goes dark*
*Gerard is now a carbon copy of Mikey*
by falloutboyistheworstbandever November 30, 2020
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Someone who consistently has a rude or smug attitude but because they are a member of the family or a long time friend so everyone just uses the out “that’s the way he is
I was at the family party and Dan just would not talk to anybody and made rued comments. I guess that’s the way he is.
by alberto89 February 28, 2021
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