When a male gets a raging stonk on, he pulls it up and tucks it in his pants. Just so his bell end is popping out. Thus creating a Lonely Island. Often used on the Beach and often crops up in holiday snaps.
Haha! can see That Lonely Island!
by jeff93 January 7, 2010
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a noun describing the condition of having jizz in your pants, referencing the famous sketch that became a youtube sensation
Guy: Hey dude why are you walking so strangely?

other Guy: Man I can't go any faster. When that girl walked by I got a lonely island.
by quackenmire February 26, 2009
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A group of comedians whose originality/novelty does little to make up for their lack of comedic skill. Often falling back on shock humor and swearing because their comedy lacks substance, the trio has managed to acquire an online following seemingly more focused on getting in on the latest craze than finding intelligent, well-written comedy. Using this online following, The lonely Island began writing for an already poorly written SNL. Essentially kicking it while it was down, The Lonely Island has managed to make SNL even worse by using their already-stale comedic (if I dare say that) style. Spreading like a virus over the internet, The Lonely Island threatens replace quality comedy with little more than novelty and one-time-laughs (at best). Andy Samberg (Hot Rod) is by far the worst of the three.
Why do people watch that "The Lonely Island" shit?

I don't know I guess because everyone else does.
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It's not gay, when it's in a three way. When in a threesome, the
Dude 1: I had a threesome with a guy and a girl
Dude 2: That's a bit Gay
Dude 1: not by the Lonely Island Hypothesis
Dude 2: Okay, fair point
by menofthesoilandthesheafandcroo November 12, 2021
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