A drunk chick who finally shows up to a party that's dominated by horny males that have been waiting a long while for some females to show up. (i.e "sausage fest") Like football players piling up on a loose ball on the field, there will be a pile up on the long awaited females coveted snatch in the quest for possession.
"When is the fumble getting here? I'm horny!"
"Girl, if you go to that party, you're gonna be a fumble because there are not going to be any other girls there."
by teenez69er August 22, 2014
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When one is given a romantic or sexual chance with another and somehow messes up
He was giving really obvious hints that he liked her! How could she like him back but be unable to tell? She fumbled.
by nolivesmatterdumbo May 28, 2023
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When you almost get laid, and at the last second get turned down for doing something stupid.
Davis fumbled Mary last night. It was close though!
by Tails September 30, 2003
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when you are trying to make it to the bathroom, but shit in your pants before you make it to the toilet.
I ate a bean burrito from q-dubs and thought I had to fart, but when the shit dripped down my short pants, I surely knew I had fumbled.
by Zee Assman January 21, 2005
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Its when the person you love can't stay with you because they can't keep there happy sack tied down to you while still remain in love with you.
"dude she called me saying how i fumble her heart nosense "
" Well you did cheated on her "
" Yea but i still love her "
by Kelly Persona April 22, 2013
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When you're carrying a baby and you drop it.
John: Woops, sorry Debrah, fumbled little timmy.
by DeluxeAnus October 29, 2011
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