In an episode of South Park, John Edward the "psychic" (not to be confused with John Edwards the politician) was nominated for the Biggest Douche In The Universe award by Stan.

Near the end of the show a ship full of aliens landed on the set of John's tv show and congratulated him for being nominated before taking him on a trip to another planet for the intergalactic B.D.I.U. awards ceremony. John Edward wound up winning the title of "Biggest Douche In The Universe" despite repeated protests that he wasn't a douche. Edward beat out several other nominees, including an alien who was literally a giant living, breathing douche bag with a nozzle and everything!
by Rabid_Caterpillar September 16, 2004
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1. A term used on the television show "South Park" to refer to the psychic John Edward, who claims to channel the dead family members of the peole in his studio audience. In the episode of South Park, John Edwards is given "The Biggest Douche In the Universe" award by members of the intergallactic community.

2. This year, the biggest douche in the Universe award goes to John Mark Karr. This attention seeking pedophile is getting the attention he wants by the second biggest douche in the universe---the American media.
I am tired of seeing The biggest douche in the universe, John Mark Karr on the news every time I turn on MSNBC and CNN.
by Nikki4mets August 24, 2006
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Vlad Tenev. Robinhood CEO. Lifetime Perpetual Cuck.
"here he is the biggest douche of the universe
in all the galaxies there's no bigger douche than you
you've reached the top, the pinnacle of douchedom
good going douche, your dreams have come true"
- South Park & Humanity on Vlad Tenev
by KisaTheStrippersVaginaSeattle February 3, 2021
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