An extremely kick-ass movie which is much better and more accurate on vampires than Twilight.
If you saw The Vampire's Assistant, then you have seen the best movie ever!
by DarkAngelOfIllusion October 26, 2009
just like 'Twilight', its an insult to all vampires and films. basically its about a kid who wants to have more than just a normal life, so decides to go with his friend to this circus full dumbfucks and duechebags who say the most dumbest shit and do the most stupid-ass things. so they meet a guy named 'cirque du freak' (or 'cirque du fuck') who's secretly a vampire, and wants someone to aid him in the war against humans. so to sum it up, the characters are gay, the plot is horrible, and the film is peice of shit that should've never been made! it should be titled 'vampire's ASSistant'!
dracula vs. cirque du freak...

cirque du freak: OMG! my film was so good! i'm so happy i hug myself!

dracula: fuck you! the 'vampire's assistant' sucked ass! get the fuck outta here you fag!!
by AMERICANBANK$TA November 3, 2009